Value Throughout Supply Chain

Our business model is laser focused on extending the useful life of laptops, thereby creating a sustainable closed loop solution that delivers value throughout the supply chain.

Decrease Landfill Volumes and Demand for Virgin Material

Extending the useful life of laptops results in less raw material being needed to manufacture new products. Decreased demand for raw materials means less strip mining of metals and less energy consumed. It also results in decreased e-waste volumes. Carbon emissions associated with the reuse and repair processes will be significantly less than those produced by manufacturing new equipment.

Delivering Sustainable Value

When you buy laptops from Orbit, you can count on receiving reliable devices, rebuilt to last and perform. As a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR), we preinstall a licensed Windows operating system. The confidence that the software is properly licensed with Microsoft through the MAR program widens the potential buying pool and extends the useful life of the equipment. Orbit has a reputation in the secondary market of having in-demand, reliable equipment available.

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You won’t be disappointed in laptop performance or reliability.