We Deliver Sustainable Value

Our data driven approach to equipment refurbishing ensures we deliver sustainable value. Orbit’s refurbishment process includes modular disassembly of the laptop to test and clean key parts. Dust is removed from internal components which can cause poor performance and overheating. Strategic parts are upgraded to be consistent with current market conditions. Cosmetic enhancements are done to restore the laptop to like new condition.

We Deliver Reliable Laptops

Our investment in leading refurbishment equipment such as down draft tables, respray machines and keyboard printers enable us to produce a consistent supply of laptops to meet market demand.

What You Get

  • Dependable, warrantied laptops that have been carefully cleaned, tested and refurbished
  • Large inventory of refurbished laptops
  • Licensed operating system installed on all laptops
  • System generated technical specifications
  • Fast and predictable shipments

Why Buy Your Used Equipment from Orbit?

You won’t be disappointed in laptop performance or reliability. You will bolster your reputation in providing trusted equipment to your customers. And you’ll feel good about knowing you are doing your part in achieving a more sustainable future.

Let’s work together to achieve both financial and sustainable goals. 

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Make a smarter and more sustainable choice when purchasing your next laptop.