The sustainable alternative to buying new laptops

Smart Choice

Save money

Sustainable Results

Less e-waste produced

Spotlight on Services

Meticulous refurbishment of all laptops

Make a smarter and more sustainable choice when purchasing your next laptop.

Orbit sells warrantied refurbished laptops that provide a reliable alternative to purchasing new equipment. Our laptops have been carefully cleaned, tested, repaired and cosmetically refreshed.

Our warrantied laptops ensure confidence. In our products. In our work. In our business model.

Simply put, it’s the right choice. For your bottom line. And for a more sustainable future.

About Us

We resell refurbished laptops throughout Europe. Our laptops go through an extensive functional and cosmetic review. Failing components are replaced and strategic parts are upgraded. All laptops are thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. Plus, our extended warranty provides peace of mind that the laptop will provide years of extended problem-free use.

Why Orbit?

Our data driven approach to equipment refurbishing ensures we deliver sustainable value.


A culture of sustainability drives internal efficiencies and innovation at Orbit.